1. Introduction
    1. Trust Law in General
    2. The Importance of the Right to Information
  2. Distributions and Trustee Discretion
    1. Introduction
    2. Settlor Intent: Support/Discretionary Trusts
    3. The Support/Discretionary Trust Distinction in Maryland
    4. Eliminating the Categories Under the UTC and Restatement (Third)
    5. Retaining the Categories in the Maryland Trust Code Proposal
    6. Ascertainable Standards and Estate Planning
    7. Ascertainable Standards are Measurable
    8. The Rights of Remainder Beneficiaries and Ascertainable Standards
    9. Extended Discretion and Court Enforcement of Distributions
    10. Extended Discretion and the Uniform Trust Code
    11. Beneficiary Right to Enforcement and the Supplemental Needs Trust
  3. Right to Information
    1. Duty to Supply Copy of Trust Instrument
    2. The Nature and Scope of the Trustee’s Duty
    3. The Nature and Form of the Accounting