1. Overview of Fiduciary Relationships
  1. Definition of Fiduciary Duties
    1. Fiduciary Relations in Various Settings
  2. Fiduciary Duty in Law of Partnership
    1. Common Law
    2. Economic Interest
  3. Contractarian Basis
    1. Implied Bargain
    2. Contract Standard of Good Faith Dealings
  4. Fiduciary Duty as a Separate and Stand-Alone, Non-Contract Principle
    1. The Uniform Trust Code
    2. The Revised Uniform Partnership Act
    3. The Contractarian Worldview
    2. The Evolution of Fiduciary Duty and the Theoretical Case for Trust as Contract
    3. Good Faith and the Nature of the Trustee's Duties at Common Law
    4. Good Faith in Contract
    5. The Application of the Good Faith in Contract Standard to Partnerships
    6. Conclusion

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